• Fees are hourly, payable in cash, and paid in advance of visit. Two hour minimum applies. • No services will be performed unless fees are paid in full prior to service being provided. • Fees may vary depending on the day of the week and hours of the day. • Fees do not include travel time which may apply or associated expenses. • A twenty-four hour cancellation notice is required; otherwise the entire amount of fees will need to be paid before the start of the next visit. The following Sunday visits need to be canceled by 3PM on the preceding Friday.

Intake Fees.                                                              $45.00 per parent.

Off-site Supervised Visitation   (2 hours minimum)       Call for pricing

Custody Exchange Monitoring                                  Call for pricing

Telephone and Skype monitoring.                             Call for pricing

Reports for Attorneys, Parents and Court                Call for pricing

Court Appearance.                                                     Call for pricing

Holiday Visitation- Available at a premium rate.      Call for pricing.

Respect          Integrity          Ethical Behavior          Excellence in Service

Please call today for your “No charge” consultation.

Intake appointments available immediately.

Office: (626) 282-5342   |   Mobile: (626) 703-7025

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